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Analysis: Politics twists oil's route from well to gas tank (Reuters)

SINGAPORE (Reuters) ? Politics have long skewed oil supply lines, but this year's confluence of events have bent the route from the well to the gas tank so far out of shape that West African oil is going to a refiner in Taiwan to make diesel for Brazilian truckers.

It is politics that have sent Siberian oil on its way to Peru in a hitherto unchartered trade route, and made it profitable for Belgian chocolatiers to run vans with Indian-processed Colombian oil.

Markets are stretching to re-allocate supplies in the wake of four major events this year: Libya's civil war, rising Saudi output, the release of emergency oil stockpiles coordinated by the International Energy Agency and a payments dispute between India and Iran.

"Geopolitical events have triggered crazy distortions of oil flows at a global level," said Tony Nunan, a risk manager with Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Corp., who joined the company in 1987.

"The IEA release caused a secondary tsunami of unintended crude flows. In my career, I haven't seen anything like this."

Oil markets are withstanding the most enduring supply shock since the 2003 Iraq War, the loss of 1.3 million barrels per day (bpd) of Libyan oil exports, while absorbing the release of IEA oil. Most of the crude in the release was sold in the United States, displacing its more usual imports.

U.S. crude imports from West Africa that would have amounted to about 19 million barrels in August have been re-routed, Reuters calculations show, virtually halting shipments of Nigerian and Angolan crude to North America.

Europe will receive as much as 40 million barrels of crude from West Africa in August, up from about 28 million in July.

West African crude flows to Asia are also increasing after a the IEA release improved arbitrage economics.

"The increasingly active involvement by consumer governments has deepened the politicization of the oil market," said London-based Barclays Capital oil analyst Amrita Sen.

"With the unrest in the Middle East and North Africa region this year proving to be a watershed of sorts, geopolitics is likely to play an even more important role in shaping the future of oil markets in the coming years."

This means long-standing arbitrage strategies may be at risk and new ones are being formed, while producers, refiners and consumers must cope with growing market swings. Oil price volatility in the second quarter surged to its highest level in more than two years.

Five large cargoes of Iraqi Basra Light crude, an unaccustomed guest in Europe, are heading to the continent in a rare development triggered by the a IEA oil stocks release and a strengthening of Russian crude values.


The increase in U.S. shale oil production feeding into the landlocked Cushing hub in Oklahoma, the inauguration of a pipeline pumping 300,000 bpd of Siberian high-quality crude into northern China and Japan's earthquake have also been key factors in changing arbitrage flows this year.

But the most intense reshuffling involves disruption-stricken Africa and Europe, top crude stockpile holder the United States, the world's top-producers in the Middle East and the fastest-growing market in China.

Asia is key as an intermediary in the new pattern because of the surplus it holds in top grade refining capacity. Saudi Arabia has increased production of lower quality crude, which require more sophisticated processing to turn into fuels, partly compensating for the top-quality oil that Libya sent to European refiners.

"There is a push-out process where refineries that can take Saudi crude have to ramp up, so the arbitrage isn't just crude, it has to go through the whole refining system," Nunan said.

The rise in Mediterranean supplies following the IEA release is re-opening export opportunities to Asia, with high-quality Algerian crude sailing to Indonesia again. This marks a turnaround from the deficit of light and sweet crude that prevailed in Europe for most of the first half of the year.

As West and North African crude returns to Asia, it is freeing up Russian oil for export to the Americas. But with a saturated North American market after the IEA release, its usual destination, ESPO Blend crude pumped from East Siberia to the Pacific Ocean is looking for homes elsewhere.

ESPO is traveling through the Malacca Straits and Suez Canal to the Mediterranean, traders said, and diagonally across the Pacific Ocean to South America, both unprecedented flows.

And from the Americas to Asia, flows of lower-quality Colombian crude are increasing to India, which has the sophisticated refining capacity necessary to transform cheaper crude into high-value light oil products that are then shipped around the globe.


India is also coping with the imminent suspension of shipments of Iranian crude.

New Delhi has caved in to U.S. pressure to ditch a long-standing mechanism for payment of oil imports from Iran, which stopped allocating crude to Indian refiners for August. At stake is a crude flow of 400,000 bpd between OPEC's second-largest producer and Asia's third-largest consumer.

But the U.S.-led strategy to isolate Iran may be clashing against efforts to cap the oil price and safeguard a fragile global economic recovery, said John Vautrain, director at Purvin & Gertz energy consultants in Singapore.

"Now we've got this weird thing where at the same time we are trying to lower the price by releasing crude from emergency stockpiles, while we are doing things that could push it up by cutting flows," Vautrain said.

"It seems like they (the U.S.) have shot themselves in the foot again. If you manage to engineer a shortage, you are cutting supplies from a country and hurting the Indian and the world economies. It feels like a change of policy," Vautrain said, comparing it to a multi-year strategy to block Iran's gasoline imports.

Top exporter Saudi Arabia's unilateral decision to increase production this year after OPEC's failed meeting in June enraged Iran, as it also came on the heels of the kingdom's military intervention to stave off a Shiia uprising in Bahrain, a move strongly condemned by the Islamic Republic.

The Saudis this week approved sales of 3 million barrels of extra crude to India for August to make up for a loss of shipments from Iran.

"If India is only the nose of the camel in the tent, and we have more countries cutting off purchases and throwing the Iranians onto China's lap, then that may force Iran to cut production," Vautrain said.

(Additional reporting by Emma Farge and Dmitry Zhdannikov in London, Florence Tan in Singapore, Judy Hua in Beijing and Janet McGurty in New York; Editing by Simon Webb)


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Do It Yourself Home Improvements

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Do it yourself (DIY) home improvement ideas can help you in your remodeling work or in upgrading your home. For example, DIY home provides a range of home improvement products to make your project easier. ...


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Suspects in 4 Colo deaths called armed, dangerous (AP)

DENVER ? Colorado Springs police are hunting two suspects in separate shooting that killed four people and they're warning the public that the men are considered armed and dangerous.

Two of the dead were 16-year-old boys who were childhood friends. Another victim was the 19-year-old brother of one of those boys.

The three teens were killed Wednesday night. Sgt. Steve Noblitt says police are seeking 24-year-old Michael Arangio.

Earlier that night, one man was found dead in the parking lot of an AutoZone store in eastern Colorado Springs and another person was found wounded inside the store.

Noblitt says the suspect, who uses two identities, is wanted on murder, kidnapping and other charges.

No motives were given for the shootings.


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Great Methods To Download Free E-books

Posted by GuestBlogger on Jul 30, 2011 in Jillian Michaels Book Articles | 3 comments logo

E-book is a great thing that has appeared not long ago. E-book is an essential digital source of information nowadays. E-books are like social media and a lot of people are eager to read this kind of books. People understand that looking for new information can be a lot easier when using digital sources such e-books.

Today almost all people are using internet and they are more inclined to read different e-books online. E-books can represent different kinds of essential information. E-books are very convenient to use. You can search for the needed words or phrases instantly. You can significantly save your time while searching essential information.

E-books can be available in different formats and in different genres. You can easily get belle letters books online. Best sellers are available at very cheap prices in comparison with hard copy books. There are not a lot of e-books that are expensive. If you are eager to read e-books you can even find sources where it is available to download e-books for free.

Free e-books are easily accessible on the particular web sources for all people who are fond of reading. Search for free PDF e-books online and you will certainly find the source you can use for free. You can get amazing collections of e-books online and download the books for free. In this way creating your own digital library gets easy.

In the current times e-books are used frequently as essential tools to advertise different products and services online. People create e-books and giving people essential knowledge and information about their business or services. These e-books contain backlinks to the websites.

This is a great idea to write an e-book and tell about your services if you have your own online business. But if you have a desire to relax and read e-books just for fun you should buy and e-book reader and download your favorite books online.

Since ancient times book reading has been one of the popular ways to spend time. Today modern technologies has made it even more convenient as one can get something to read via download books. Now people can take lots of books with them on one device. There are even specific sites like download books for iPad spots. Also lots of other download novels websites can be found on the Internet.

And keep in mind that we live in the world of high online technologies. It wouldn?t be smart not to avail oneself of the online network to look for anything at the best prices available on the market. Search engines, social networks, blogs and forums ? all this will help you solve many issues.

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Do you find it tacky that they are throwing their own house ...

A family member of mine has informed me today that they are throwing themselves a house warming party in a few weeks when they move into their new home. They are building this house without a general contractor or subcontractors, they are doing all the work themselves to save money. They have EVERYONE they know giving up all of their free time to help them build this house, they give you a guilt trip if you take a day to yourself on the weekend to do something besides help them. They have been living with their parents rent-free, bill-free for 2.5 years while they have been planning this house, getting financing to go through and building it. She tells me today that they are throwing a house warming party so they can get new things for their new house because they do not want to use any of their old things and they cannot afford to buy this new stuff! Now my husband and I had a house built for us about 3 years ago and we never threw ourselves a house warming party to get new things?we went out and bought them ourselves. Is this tacky or is this something others do?throw their own party to get gifts because they don?t want to buy them for themselves? I, personally, feel all the time everyone is giving them to get this house built should be enough but on top of that they want us to go buy them gifts?
Phedre?Jealous of what? People talking behind my back that I am very greedy?because that is what our entire family is saying about them right now. We did invite people over to see our new home when we moved in?but we did not formally invite everyone and call it a party and register for gifts! I am happy for her that she is getting to move into her new home?it just aggravates me that she is so greedy.

They did this same greedy thing at their wedding. They told everyone they knew to not get them gifts, they just wanted to receive money. They got a lot more gifts than people usually get a weddings just because people did not like being told to give cash.
When my SIL moved into her new home my MIL threw the house warming party?it wasn?t a surprise party, she was the one that invited everyone and provided the snacks. Just like a baby shower?the mother carrying the child doesn?t typically throw her own shower, that is considered tacky.

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Fabulous Freebies Swap Meet

The Bridge Foursquare Gospel Church in Cloverdale is hosting a free ?Game Nite, Hot Dog BBQ & Fabulous Freebies Swap Meet? this Sunday evening from 5 to 8 p.m.

The fun evening, which is open to all, will include family friendly board games, group games, Foosball, air hockey and more. BBQ hot dogs with all the trimmings, chips and ice cold lemonade will be provided.

For the swap meet, bring items you no longer want and share them with others while searching for new treasures of your own. Best part? No cost. Share what you have and take what you need. Leftover items will be donated to a local charity.

All items must be in good working order and appropriate for sharing in a church setting. Some suggestions are: clothes, housewares, appliances, furnishings, outdoor gear, entertainment items, videos, books, DVDs and children?s gear, including clothes, toys, bikes, etc.

If you happen to have a pet looking for a new home, however, please just bring photos ? not the actual animal.

Items can be dropped off after church or brought with you that night.

The Bridge Foursquare Gospel Church is located at 50 Commerce Lane, Suite C in the Reuser Industrial Park off Asti Rd. Call 894-5050 for more information.

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APNewsBreak: Iran lagging in enrichment plan (AP)

VIENNA ? Iran is lagging on equipping a bunker with centrifuges that will enrich uranium closer to weapons-grade but plans to boost output by using more machines than originally planned, diplomats tell The Associated Press.

The diplomats say Iranian officials recently told the International Atomic Energy Agency half of the approximately 3,000 centrifuges to be installed at the underground Fordow site will churn out uranium enriched to near 20 percent.

The rest, they said, will produce less sensitive low-enriched material at around 3.5 percent. Iran's higher-grade enrichment efforts are of particular concern because material at 20 percent enrichment can be turned into fissile warhead material much more quickly than that at 3.5 percent.

The diplomats said no centrifuges had been installed by July 23, the last time that IAEA experts inspected the site, indicating that Tehran was behind on plans to set up the machines by the end of July. Still, the diplomats said, preparations were well under way, with most electrical wiring, pipe work and other preliminary installations completed.

The reason for the delay was unclear. One of two diplomats who discussed confidential information on condition of anonymity suggested it could reflect temporary technical problems with expanding production of higher-enriched material.

He said that to his knowledge, the Iranians also planned to install only present-generation centrifuges currently in use elsewhere instead of more efficient centrifuges they have been developing ? another sign that the program may be experiencing short-term technical difficulties.

While Iran insists that it does not seek nuclear arms and is enriching only to make reactor fuel, the United States and other nations worry that Tehran could turn its enrichment program toward making weapons-grade material.

"Enrichment from natural uranium to 20 percent is the most time-consuming and resource-intensive step in making the highly enriched uranium required for a nuclear weapon," British Foreign Secretary William Hague wrote recently in Britain's Guardian newspaper. "And when enough 20 percent enriched uranium is accumulated at the underground facility at Qom, it would take only two or three months of additional work to convert this into weapons grade material."

Beside expanding its low-enrichment program in recent years, Iran has been producing higher-enriched uranium for over a year and is now using 328 centrifuges at its facility in the central city of Natanz for that purpose.

It originally announced that it planned to move all 20-percent production to Fordow and triple output ? which would have meant that about 1,000 centrifuges would have been harnessed to make uranium purified to near 20 percent.

Based on the information provided by the diplomats, however, Iran now wants to use 1,500 centrifuges for that purpose, adding to international concerns about the process.

The Islamic Republic disclosed Fordow's existence two years ago, shortly before Western intelligence services were to go public with the secret site.

Tehran refuses to cease enrichment despite U.N. Security Council sanctions. Also of international concern are indications it might have experimented with components of a nuclear weapons program ? something Tehran denies.

After initially cooperating with an IAEA probe of intelligence-based allegations of secret nuclear weapons work, Iran stopped answering questions on the issue about three years ago, saying it considers the investigation closed.

(This version recasts 1st paragraph and throughout, CORRECTING to reflect that Iran plans to produce more higher-enriched uranium than originally announced, edits to conform)


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Mexico suspends police aid to violent border city (AP)

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico ? Mexico's federal government has suspended aid for a police-training program in the violence-wracked border city of Ciudad Juarez, saying authorities there haven't followed reporting rules and have trained few police.

Mexico's National Public Safety System says it has suspended 57 million pesos ($4.85 million) in aid scheduled to be delivered this year, because the city has done little to actually train local police.

It said Thursday that from 2008 to 2010 the city trained only about 6 percent of its police force, and none of its commanding officers.

"It is unfortunate that the federal government is not showing solidarity with Ciudad Juarez in the serious problem of insecurity," city clerk Hector Arceluz Perez told a Thursday hearing.

The announcement comes amid rising tensions between local and federal authorities, after federal police shot at a vehicle carrying Ciudad Juarez police chief Julian Leyzaola.

Arceluz said the city has opened a formal complaint against the federal police officers, accusing them of attempted murder.


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Friday, July 29, 2011

Libyan rebels say commander killed by allied militia (Reuters)

BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) ? Libyan rebels said on Friday the gunmen who shot dead the rebel military chief were fighters of an allied militia, in apparent confirmation of deep rifts among the forces struggling to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi.

The reports follow 24 hours of confusion over the killing of Abdel Fattah Younes, a defector from Gaddafi's inner circle, whose death deals a blow both to the rebels and their Western backers.

There had been widespread speculation as to whether Younes had been killed in an internal rebel feud or by Gaddafi forces which had penetrated the Benghazi-based movement.

The killing of such a senior figure was a setback for the rebels as they were winning broader international recognition and launching an offensive in the west, and has deepened fears that divisions within the rebel camp will prolong the conflict.

Rebel minister Ali Tarhouni told reporters in Benghazi that an allied militia leader who had gone to fetch Younes from the front line had been arrested and had confessed that his subordinates had carried out the killing.

"It was not him. His lieutenants did it," Tarhouni said, without giving details about the militia. He added that the killers were still at large.

Rebel leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil said on Thursday Younes had been recalled for questioning to Benghazi but was killed before he arrived. Relatives said they retrieved a burned and bullet-riddled body.


The rebels have seized swathes of the country, but five months into the rebellion still appear far from ousting Gaddafi and remain poorly equipped.

Speculation about the assassination of Younes ranged widely. There were reports that he had been suspected of feeding the Gaddafi camp with information. One rebel commander said Islamists whom Younes had targeted in his job as interior minister may have been to blame.

The United States, which like some 30 other nations has formally recognized the opposition, said Younes's death was a blow but called for solidarity among the rebels.

"What's important is that they work both diligently and transparently to ensure the unity of the Libyan opposition," State Department spokesman Mark Toner said in Washington.

On Friday, weeping relatives and supporters brought Younes's coffin into the main square of Benghazi to mourn him, as fighters fired guns in the air.

Some family members vowed allegiance to the rebels' political leader. "A message to Mustafa Abdel Jalil: We will walk with you all the way," nephew Mohammed Younes told hundreds of mourners in the main square.


Younes, from eastern Libya where the rebels are strongest, had been Gaddafi's interior minister but switched sides to become the military chief in the rebel Transitional National Council.

Rebel defense minister Omar Hariri, visiting the west, said Younes's death would have an impact on rebel fighters. "But they will recover, and there will be other leaders," he said.

Rebels took swathes of Libya soon after launching their uprising in February against Gaddafi's 41 years of domination of the oil-producing North African state, but have made few recent advances despite the support of NATO air strikes.

They said they had seized several towns in the Western Mountains on Thursday but are yet to make a major breakthrough.

A rebel commander near Ghezaia told Reuters on Friday that around 100 insurgents had taken control of the town, from which Gaddafi forces had dominated plains below the mountains.

Reuters could not go there to confirm the report as rebels said the area could be mined. But through binoculars from a rebel-held ridge near Nalut, reporters could see no sign of Gaddafi's forces in Ghezaia.

Fighters on the front line near the town of Misrata said they viewed Younes as a martyr and would avenge his death.

"It will be an extra motive for us in the fight against the tyrant," said Khaled al-Uwayyib.

With prospects fading for a negotiated settlement, the five-month-old civil war will grind on into the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in August.

Nick Witney, analyst at the European Council on Foreign Relations in Paris, said the West had hoped for a "nice simple conflict" with right prevailing, but this had ignored the nuanced, tribal nature of Libyan politics.

"It was a brave and right thing to do," he said. "But I feel we've lost the moral high ground a bit and wandered into something that will be prolonged and messy, but we're not in a position to sort out."

(Additional reporting by Michael Georgy near Ghezaia; Mussab Al-Khairalla in Misrata; Alexandria Sage in Paris; Samia Nakhoul, Avril Ormsby and Clare Kane in London and Missy Ryan in Tripoli; Joseph Nasr in Berlin; Hamid Ould Ahmed in Algiers; writing by David Lewis and Richard Meares; editing by Andrew Roche)


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Men's General Health and Aging | Articles Zing

Though there are a number of medical issues that globally affect men, women and children, there are also numerous health concerns that only impact men and their overall health. Issues such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer and other forms of cancer, trouble with sexual health, endurance and vigor all comprise the top concerns that men are up against today. As you may have noticed, the majority of these conditions are age-related.

When a man ages, he is subject to many conditions that can impact his mortality. For instance, the most common cause of death in the aging man is heart related illness, whether it be heart attack, stroke, or other condition. Unfortunately, heart disease is often the result of preventable causes, such as smoking, high stress levels, and unbalanced diet in years past. As they say, ?an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?, so maintaining your health early in your life can be quite valuable down the line. If you have doubts about this because of your age, keep in mind that it still isn?t too late to start adapting better habits.

The next most common cause of death for aging men is cancer; the most common cancer in males is cancer of prostate. No one is quite sure of the reasons for this, but one thing is for certain- there is an obvious parallel between aging and prostate cancer. Because of this and other widespread prostate issues, like BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, or enlarged prostate) it is important to get screened every year for prostate cancer, especially if you are over the age of.

However, as we mentioned earlier on, not all men?s health issues are age-related. Men in their prime are extremely active. Keeping that level of energy is of great distress to men of all ages. A well-rounded, fully-balanced eating routine is essential to a man?s readiness and capability to do well on the court, at the job, even in the bedroom. It makes perfect sense that better nutrition results in better performance, and dietary deficiencies can often result in poor performance, decreased durability, early fatigue, or incapacity to perform at your best level of activity. Keeping adequate amounts of vitamins and antioxidants are important to optimal health and energy. B vitamins help minimize the risk of heart problems and stroke by diminishing levels of homocysteine. Antioxidants are integral to combat the problems of aging, to minimize oxidation of cholesterol (which can bring about heart attack) and to maintain proper immune system.

Taking care of you prostate gland will positively affect your daily life in many other ways. As they say, all for one, and one for all! In other words, if one piece of your body is not working right, it can affect the rest of your body negatively, but if one component of your body is working particularly well, it positively has an effect on your entire life- how good your body feels, your sex life, even your emotional and mental health (i.e. how you react to stress).

Learn more last longer in bed. Many guys suffer with premature ejaculation. Stop PE.


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Democrats Oppose Obama-U.N. Gun Control Treaty (U.S. News & World Report)

Twelve Democratic senators have joined 45 Republicans in a fast growing movement to halt progress on an Obama-backed United Nations effort that could bring international gun control into the United States and slap America's gun owners with severe restrictions.

[Read more about gun rights and gun control.]

Montana Democratic Sen. Jon Tester's office today provided Whispers with their letter, signed by 11 other Democrats, urging the president to press for significant changes in the treaty. Their major concern: that domestic manufacture, possession, and sales of firearms and ammo will be included, thereby giving an international authority the right to regulate arms sales already protected by the Second Amendment. They also said any move for an international gun registry would be a non-starter.

A Republican letter circulated by Kansas Republican Sen. Jerry Moran has 45 signatures.

Ratification requires two-thirds of the Senate. So far 57 senators have said they would vote against the treaty, expected to be wrapped up next year.

In his letter, Moran wrote, "Our country's sovereignty and the Second Amendment rights of American citizens must not be infringed upon by the United Nations," Moran wrote in the letter. "Today, the Senate sends a powerful message to the Obama Administration: an Arms Trade Treaty that does not protect ownership of civilian firearms will fail in the Senate. Our firearm freedoms are not negotiable."

The emergence of strong Democratic resistance comes as the president is trying to deal with fallout from liberal Democrats upset that he has opened the door to major changes in Social Security and Medicare as part of the debt ceiling crisis.

The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, which the Bush administration had opposed, would regulate with the international trade of arms. It would cover the trading of conventional firearms likes those used by collectors and sportsmen and women. [Read NRA Boss: Obama's Gone in 2012.]

The goal of the treaty is to come up with internationally recognized rules governing the trade of guns and ammo. The United States is the world's largest exporter of arms.

Tester's letter concludes, "As members of the United States Senate, it is our constitutional responsibility to advise and consent on the ratification of the United Nation's Arms Trade Treaty. Before we could support ratification, we must have assurances that our concerns are adequately addressed and that the Treaty will not in any way impede upon the Constitutional rights of American gun owners. Anything short of this commitment would be unacceptable.

--See photos of the Obamas abroad.

--Read NRA Boss: Obama's Gone in 2012.

--See more coverage of gun rights and gun control.


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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blog Archive ? Back-To-School Tips Texas A&M ... - Obesity Help 101

? Blog Archive   ? Back To School Tips Texas A&M News & Information Services

The summer break will soon be over, and students will be returning to their classrooms. Here are some story ideas and Texas A&M University experts who can address some of the educational issues of concern to many parents and educators. if you need additional assistance, contact Tura King at (979) 845-4670 or

Parent and Family Involvement

Parent and family involvement in a student?s education is key to his or her academic success. Gwendolyn Webb-Hasan, associate professor in the College of Education and Human Development, can speak to the importance of parents and family taking an active part in their child?s learning and ways they can help. She can be reached at (979) 458-3973 or

Recommendations for Dealing with Aggressive Children

?Unfortunately, bullying is a common problem in schools from kindergarten through high school that may have negative long-term effects on the victim,? says Texas A&M educational psychologist Jan N. Hughes. Parents should also know bullies tend to pick on children who are lonely or socially isolated and who do not pose a risk of retaliation. therefore a victim?s parents can help their child develop friendships in the classroom, Hughes advises. for example, inviting well-accepted classmates who are more socially connected within the peer group to go on fun outings is one way to help a child to build a social support system that protects him or her from being bullied. some victimized children benefit from special instruction in social skills. the school psychologist may offer such instruction or be able to recommend someone to provide this instruction. Hughes can be contacted at (979) 862-1093 or

A related study by Hughes shows that a warm, close relationship between a child at risk for behavioral problems and his or her teacher reduces the chances of aggressive behavior in the future. unfortunately, such supportive teacher-student relationships are missing for many children with conduct problems, Hughes says. in contrast, teacher-student interactions characterized by high levels of conflict and controlling interactions and low levels of warmth and acceptance may serve to increase a child?s risk for aggressive behavior. She can be contacted at (979) 845-2324 or

Bullying Among Girls

Considerable research suggests girls are more likely to engage in relational bullying than physical or verbal bullying. Researchers at Texas A&M have been paying more attention recently to cyber-bullying, a digital form of relational bullying (e.g., gossiping/character defamation/sending embarrassing photos through cell phone texts or by posting on social networking sites/webpages). the Texas A&M study is headed by Jamilia Blake, director of the Peer Relations and Adjustment Lab and assistant professor in educational psychology. Blake is a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) and is certified in School Crisis Response. Her research interests concern children?s peer relations. Specifically, she is interested in peer-directed aggression in ethnic minority populations and females and the relation between peer-directed aggression and children?s psychological/social adjustment and academic achievement. Blake can be reached at (979) 862-8341 or

School Fitness, Health and Nutrition

Lisako McKyer is knowledgeable about programs and resources for combating childhood obesity, having recently established the Child and Adolescent Health Research Lab at Texas A&M. She also is working on behalf of Texas A&M on the Texas Childhood Obesity Prevention Policy Evaluation project, a collaboration with the Dell Center at the University of Texas School of Public Health and the Texas Department of State Health Services. McKyer can be reached at (979) 845-9280 or .edu.

Susan Wagner, a health and kinesiology professor at Texas A&M who teaches future physical education teachers, has insight into children?s balance and fitness. She says recent increases in injuries among children are natural consequences of their indoor-oriented lifestyles and reduced emphasis on exercise. She can be reached at (979) 845-2063 or

As children get older and begin participating in team sports and gym classes, proper exercise techniques can be important to avoid injury. Denise Chapman, an exercise science instructor at Texas A&M, can talk about common mistakes people make when exercising, such as using cardio and weight equipment before learning how to use them and wearing improper clothing. Chapman can be reached at (979) 575-1748 or .edu.

Jamilia Blake, assistant professor of school psychology, is conducting research that shows students can lose calories by using ?standing? desks. She is part of a team that conducted a pilot study in first-grade classrooms measuring the effects of using standing-height desks. their findings indicate higher levels of calorie expenditure in students with the standing desks, as well as increased attentiveness. Students in classrooms with the standing-height desks are choosing to stand more than two-thirds of the time and are burning an average of 17 percent more calories overall than their classmates in traditional seated classrooms. Overweight and obese students are burning 32 percent more calories while working at standing desks than their peers who work in traditional seated classrooms. Contact Blake at (979) 862-8341 or

Reading Problems

As director of the Texas A&M Reading Clinic, Erin McTigue assists struggling readers every day. She can provide information about how parents can help their children address reading difficulties, spark more interest and gain confidence in reading. She can be reached at (979) 862-3590 or

English as a Second Language (ESL)

ESL students face special challenges in learning English while also working to stay on top of required class material. Rafael Lara-Alecio, director of bilingual educational programs, is knowledgeable about the issues confronting ESL students, and he has ideas about what actions parents of ESL students can take to increase their success. Lara-Alecio is available at (979) 845-3467 or

Language Development

Jorge E. Gonzalez and Sharolyn Pollard-Durodola, assistant professors in Texas A&M?s Department of Educational Psychology, will evaluate the effectiveness of WORLD (Words of Oral Reading and Language Development) ? a language-building intervention program developed for preschool-age children ? in select student populations in Texas. they are part of a team that will test WORLD and its net positive impact in schools with high concentrations of students with low socio-economic status and ethnically and linguistically diverse backgrounds, primarily Hispanic. Gonzalez is at (979) 845-2324 or and Pollard-Durodola is at (979) 862-4663 or

Emotional Intelligence (EI) can Help Determine Career Success

Conventional wisdom has indicated a person?s IQ is a dominant factor in determining career success, but new research is now showing that a person?s emotional intelligence (EI) may be equally or even more important. the findings by Fredrick Nafukho and Helen Muyia of Texas A&M?s Department of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development, respectively, have been published in a special issue of the journal Advances in Developing Human Resources. ?People with high emotional intelligence and IQ tend to do better over the course of their lives than people with just a high IQ,? Nafukho says. Fredrick Nafukho can be reached at (979) 862-3395 or

Four-Day School Week

Four-day school weeks are becoming more popular, but Kathryn McKenzie, an associate professor in educational administration, says each school system must weigh the pros and cons of adopting such a schedule. the tactic can help save jobs and reserve fiscal resources, but before making any changes, the educational programs must be assessed, McKenzie says. She can be reached at

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do You Live In a 'Food Desert'? (

With several leading grocery chains on board, first lady Michelle Obama has embarked on a campaign to bring healthy food to the country's "food deserts." These are areas where residents lack easy access to nutritious groceries, such as fruits and vegetables, and often suffer health consequences associated with a nutrient-poor diet.

The initiative will focus its efforts on food deserts identified in a 2009 report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In the report, the USDA analyzed the food situation in each 1-square-kilometer tract of the entire country. They ascertained the condition of each region in this fashion: If 500 people and/or 33 percent of a particular tract's population lived more than 1 mile from the nearest grocery store (or, for rural tracts, 10 miles), and the local poverty rate was significant, then the tract was designated a food desert. [Image: U.S. food desert map]

By the USDA's assessment, a whopping 23.5 million people, or 8.4 percent of all Americans, live in food deserts. Paradoxically, obesity rates in these areas are some of the nation's highest, as the unavailability of healthy sustenance may make prepackaged junk food the only option. Diabetes, heart disease and cancer are also linked to low fruit and vegetable intake.?

As seen on the USDA's food desert map, malnutritious regions are scattered across the nation. Eastern Oregon, northern Maine, parts of Nebraska, and much of Arizona and New Mexico are particularly bleak. In northern Arizona, for example ? a desolate food desert ? the report found that there are thousands of people too poor to own cars who live more than 10 miles from the nearest supermarket.

Several major grocery chains have teamed up with Michelle Obama to fill in the nation's food gaps. Walmart, for example, plans to open 300 stores in food deserts over the next five years, in which they'll sell low-priced fruits, vegetables and other healthy food options. Similarly, the pharmacy Walgreens committed to convert or open at least 1,000 "food oasis" stores ? stocked with fresh produce and the like ? in these areas in the next five years.


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You Should Be Saving $25 to $50 on Your Airplane Ticket [Airplanes]

Right now, you should be saving $25 to $50 when you buy an airplane ticket. Why? Because Congress didn't approve a bill to keep the FAA running, which means the FAA doesn't have the authority to collect taxes on airfare, which should mean no taxes for you! Too bad the airlines are pocketing the difference. More »


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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: A Gorga Holiday Extravaganza

Christmas got out of control in Jersey Sunday night, but was anyone really surprised? Let's run down all the festivities in THG's +/- review.

We picked up where we left off last week at the Gorgas. Melissa and Joe took pictures of the toys that were brought for the children's hospital.

They're proud but honestly, considering the crowd, that wasn't a lot of toys. Certainly not fifty grand worth. Minus 7 for making it out to be more than it was. 

Teresa and Melissa

I really wonder if the charity aspect was just a creative way to try and write off their excessive party on their taxes.

The party quickly turned into the Kim G show because no one knew how to ignore the woman. 

First off, Kim let her friend Monica get escorted from the party but remained behind. Talk about rude. She brought Monica to the party. She should have left with her. Obviously being seen in front of the cameras was more important than being a good friend. Minus 8.

Kim brought her own bodyguards to the party. Well, if you're looking to cause trouble, it's best to bring your own backup, even if you have to hire them. Plus 6 for thinking ahead.

What happened with the Manzo family. Once they heard Kim G. talking trash about Teresa they descended on the woman. Not that I didn't want to see Kim gone but it wasn't Caroline's party. 

Talk about overstepping. Minus 10 for failing to remember it's not your house.

When Chris escorted her out he seemed to have things almost under control. They're actually having a civil conversation outside when his brother comes barreling through.

What a mess. I generally like the Manzos but they proved to be bulls in a china shop tonight. The entire family needed a time out.

In other party news, Melissa earned big points tonight for trying to put family first. 

Although they already had plans with Kathy for Christmas Eve, Melissa made the effort to attend both parties. Plus 10 for standing her ground when Joe got whiny about it. It's his sister for goodness sakes, you'd think he could make a little more of an effort.

Those little girls dresses were ridiculous. There was so much poof the little ones could barely walk but Plus 5 for making me smile at the picture.

As much as Melissa tried, Teresa and her husband sure seemed determined to make things difficult.

Minus 7 as Teresa snipes that Melissa's dress was inappropriate for Christmas. 

Can someone get Teresa a mirror? I've seen longer metallic skirts on hookers outside the Lincoln Tunnel. 

Then what was up with Joe Guidice? Was he really calling Melissa raccoon face? Was that the way to treat guests in your home? Minus 15.

Again, Melissa seemed to be the level headed one of the bunch so she earned another Plus 5. And she was right. Those kids definitely looked happy to be together at Christmas.

The Manzos had their own Christmas Eve bash and it seemed to be the most normal of the bunch, albeit huge.

I must admit, the only reason I'd want to attend any of these parties would be for the food. It looked delicious. Plus 8 for making me hungry.


Well, no punches were thrown ... yet. There's always next week.


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Personal Finance Links ? Anniversary Edition

by Andy Hough on July 24, 2011

Tomorrow will be my wife and I?s first anniversary. We have to drive up to Jeff City tomorrow in order for me to take the bar on Tuesday and Wednesday which means we won?t be able to have too big of a celebration. I?ll make it up to her later. Taking the bar exam won?t be too fun but it will be good to get it over with. Unfortunately, I haven?t studied nearly as much as I should have so there is a good chance I?ll be doing it again in February. Either way I will be devoting a lot more time to blogging in August. Since I?ve done pretty well the last couple of months without putting too much effort into blogging I should do even better once I start working harder on my blogs.

Financially Consumed is having a $100 Giveaway.? That is a nice prize and your odds of winning are pretty good.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff shares her Las Vegas Budget Breakdown.? They managed to keep their budget reasonable.? Vegas can be an inexpensive destination.? Longtime readers may remember I had a profitable vacation there.

Money Talks shares how she got $200 for free.? I have done this a little with credit cards but mainly with bank accounts.? If you don?t already know I have a website Bank Bonuses that focuses on these kind of deals.

Retire by 40 shares live on one paycheck.? Once my wife and I increase our income I?d like to try this.? It may be difficult to separate our income if we?re in business together but I?m sure we could figure it out.

My Journey to Millions updates his dividend investment portfolio.



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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Horse Racing Betting Strategy | Sports Betting

Are you looking for a horse betting strategy? If you?re, you have landed on the right place. If you?re searching for a real strategy, I?m sure that you?re not a punter, who likes to win because of luck. Some punters only bet for fun or want to increase the tension when watching the horse race so in my opinion they?re not searching for some strategy that might ruin their fun.

Horse betting strategies or systems are based on a number of criteria, some of which include analysis of the horses? form, the going, and sometimes the number of wins and losses of the horses in the previous races. Betting at a betting exchange makes so much different in the profit rate because at betting exchange punters are able to get more advantageous odds.

If you?re backing a horse to win, you almost certainly choose the favorite to win the race and you almost certainly ignore the non-favorites. In fact the favorites only win one out of 3 races according to the statistics.

The other important subject on the subject of this subject. It?s important to know that betting on favorites is not going to make you much money. Even though your strike rate is relatively high, your profit margin will be relatively low. This is because of the fact that favorites will be short priced.

So how do I enhance my profit?

You can back non-favorites to win. Even if your strike rate is not high but your profit rate is much higher.

Which means you can win much but infrequently. In spite of this, backing the non-favorites could be successfully achieved if you have done enough research.

Horse racing betting systems

The best way is to find a suitable system to help you determine which non-favorite to back. You can actually find a lot of free systems on the net that you can test. You wouldn?t want to use real money when you?re testing a system. You can just prepare a pen and a paper to note all the results; wins and losses.

I bet you want to find the free systems I mentioned above about how to back non-favorites. I hope I win that bet. If you do search for free systems or strategies, pay a visit to horse racing betting strategies, I think you would like it.

Arif has been earning his living by professionally gambling. He and his friend have set up an exclusive trading course to help punters to discover their win formula.Secure your spot today at Exclusive Trading course.


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Effectiveness Of Responsibility In Relationships ! | Gratitude ...

There are many requirements of a true relationship. If we think carefully, we can easily understand that fulfilling those requirments requirments is n...

Welcome, the statistics tell me you've only been here 1 or 2 times before, or perhaps it's your first time. Thanks for visiting. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to this forex trading blog here:RSS feed. Come again soon & feel free to leave a comment...!

There are many requirements of a true relationship. If we think carefully, we can easily understand that fulfilling those requirments requirments is not very difficult. But always we fear if we will be able to keep the relationship fine for a long time. Being afraid of something like this will never solve your problem. Your problems will be solved when you will take full responsibility of your relationship. Only a truly responsible person can handle the problems of a relationship properly. So the main requirment of a relationship would surely be your responsibility to the relationship. If you are not a responsible person, it may not be possible for you to keep a relationship healthy

Being in a relationship, you have to be responsible for everything that happens within the relationship. This is what makes it possible for you to think about your partner much more. Because when you will think about your responsibilities, automatically your partner would come into your mind. If you love your partner from the bottom of your heart, it is very easy to handle difficult situations. But if you don?t love your partner, it may be very difficult for you to keep a healthy connection all the time with your partner. Loves creates responsibilities. The more you love your partner, the more you will be responsible to the relationship. This is why we need to understand how much we love the person we want to keep a relationship with. Because this is what will make us understand if we can handle difficult problems of the relationship lr not.

So you must love your partner from the bottom of your heart, if you really want a good relationship with your partner. If you think that it is possible to have a healthy relationship when you don?t really love the person, you are absolutely wrong. Love is what is the base of any kind of relationship. So a healthy relationship means that there is enough love in the heart of the partners. This is called a true relationship and true success. It has been successful, because your love has made you responsible. And your responsibility has made your partner feel your love. Ultimately a connection is being created.

However, after all these things, you will have to understand that keeping a relationship healthy is a long process and takes long time. If you love your partner so much, it may be a little easier for you. But without having love in heart, if you just want to keep a relationship with someone, that relationship may not go a long way. However, it is all your own decision how you will handle everything. Loving someone is fine. But keeping this love in heart for long is the best part of a love relationship. As i have previously said that your love will make you understand how much responsible you are to the relationship, it is quite difficult to understand it properly if you have never loved anyone. So your love actually creates your responsibility to a relationship. Now it is your decision how you will take it.

People who are searching through the web for more info about the sphere of emotional freedom technique training, then please go to the link which is mentioned right in this line.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why Hiking is actually a Good Recreational Activity ?

Are you thinking about performing one thing enjoyable and exciting on each day that you simply may well have off from function or a weekend that you simply might have no plans? For anyone who is and in case you are like quite a few other Americans, there?s a beneficial opportunity that you could possibly be thinking about doing something recreational. For anyone who is, you?ve a variety of unique options. One of those solutions entails going on a hike.

Hiking is among the most well-known recreational activities inside the United States. Although diverse people have diverse factors for enjoying hiking, it can be uncomplicated to see that hiking is loved by numerous. Inside the United States, most cities and towns have at the least 1 hiking park or hiking trail and many have more than 1. What does that mean for you? It indicates that regardless of whether you?re looking to go hiking for some hours or if you would like to go hiking for a few days, it should be much more than achievable for you to do so.

Among the several reasons why hiking is such a well-known recreational activity is mainly because it is a challenge. Yes, playing a game of basketball or a game of baseball could be fun and exciting, but there isn?t much on the market like hiking. Even for those who pick out to hike exactly the same hiking trail multiple times a year, you might still most likely come across surprises and changes. That?s what?s nice about nature; absolutely nothing stays exactly the same forever. Just about every time that you simply go on a hike, it?ll appear as if it really is a completely new and exciting adventure.

Hiking is also preferred for the reason that it may be accomplished a variety of different methods. As an example, hiking is often a recreational activity that you simply can do alone or with a group of your friends or even together with your loved ones. Most hikers prefer hiking with a person that they know. In case you would prefer to hike independently, which is okay, but you could would like to take a couple of additional actions to make certain your safety. These additional actions involve letting somebody know exactly where you?ll be hiking and when you is usually expected back, dressing properly, and brining your cell phone with you.

One more reason why hiking is such a preferred activity is simply because it truly is a workout. There are lots of people who take pleasure in hiking, well just because, but then you will discover others who like to go hiking as a form of exercise. Hiking trials are known for their vast array of landscaping. When going hiking, you can walk up actions, climb over smaller rocks, climb down hilly slopes, and far more. The varied landscape is perfect for workouts, as it genuinely tests your body and its strength. Should you be considering hiking as a part of a routine workout, you might desire to examine neighborhood parks that present membership plans or discounts to regular hikers.

As previously stated, there are actually some individuals who like to go hiking just due to the fact. Though hiking is referred to as a recreational activity, there are lots of people who use hiking as a solution to relax or escape from their everyday life. That is what exactly is fantastic about hiking; this recreational activity can provide you and provide you with so significantly, which includes a fun and exciting time.

In the event you would like to go hiking, it is best to give it an attempt. As a reminder, most cities and towns in the United States have hiking trials or hiking parks; thus, you shouldn?t have any problem obtaining a hiking trail to get began on

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Liver resection for colorectal cancer metastases involving the ...

Liver resection for colorectal cancer metastases involving the caudate lobe.

Br J Surg. 2011 Jul 14;

Authors: Thomas RL, Lordan JT, Devalia K, Quiney N, Fawcett W, Worthington TR, Karanjia ND

BACKGROUND: Up to 5 per cent of liver resections for colorectal cancer metastases involve the caudate lobe, with cancer-involved resection margins of over 50 per cent being reported following caudate lobe resection. METHODS: Outcomes of consecutive liver resections for colorectal metastases involving the caudate lobe between 1996 and 2009 were reviewed retrospectively, and compared with those after liver surgery without caudate resection. RESULTS: Twenty-five patients underwent caudate and 432 non-caudate liver resection. Caudate resection was commonly performed as part of extended resection. There were no differences in operative complications (24 versus 21?1 per cent; P = 0?727) or blood loss (median 300 versus 250 ml; P = 0?234). The operating time was longer for caudate resection (median 283 versus 227 min; P = 0?024). Tumour size was larger in the caudate group (median 40 versus 27 mm; P = 0?018). Resection margins were smaller when the caudate lobe was involved by tumour, than in resections including tumour-free caudate or non-caudate resection; however, there was no difference in the proportion of completely excised tumours between caudate and non-caudate resections (96 versus 96?1 per cent; P = 0?990). One-year overall survival rates were 90 and 89?3 per cent respectively (P = 0?960), with 1-year recurrence-free survival rates of 62 and 71?2 per cent (P = 0?340). CONCLUSION: Caudate lobe surgery for colorectal cancer liver metastases does not increase the incidence of resection margin involvement, although when the caudate lobe contains metastases the margins are significantly closer than in other resections. Copyright ? 2011 British Journal of Surgery Society Ltd. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

PMID: 21755500 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]



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Friday, July 22, 2011

Health Mind Body Category - The way to Relieve Pain From a Hernia ...

Lower back pain symptoms occurs to be one among the highest search strings that folk search on Google with. In actuality, it wouldn?t be masses shock if there have been as several docs on Google looking as patients. The issue is, whether or not 80percent of America suffers from again pain at some perform, and osteopaths fastidiously observe it with all their extreme-tech wizardry, rather a lot of the time, there is no set out found. No person is tuned in to what causes it. This state of affairs places doctors and patients in an exceedingly moderately consideration-grabbing state of affairs: they need no real strategy of evaluating the new once more ache remedies that researchers come once more up with all the time.

Simply regarding every drug-primarily based, surgical method-based mostly largely or therapy-primarily based mostly remedy that researchers come up with has its legitimacy challenged by critics; there are essentially no again ache remedies on the market which are moderately properly-accepted by the medical community. For all the hassle that the medical community goes to, inventing, attempting out and defending once additional pain therapies, it appears that the sole reliable methodology to go concerning serving to your once more downside is typically the previous type one ? allowing it to take care of itself whereas you?re doing what you may to boost your posture and develop a moderately wholesome lifestyle.

When lifting severe points, to keep off from once additional harm, the factor to strive to try to to is usually to kind it a -step methodology. You want to journey down on one knee and initial choose the merchandise as much because the extent of your waist. Upon getting got it at waist stage, you?ll increase your self on the opposite leg.

OxyContin, a painkiller that?s utilized by 1000?s and thousands of People, might be very, terribly effective. Nonetheless it?s a narcotic that is recognized to be addictive. Nonetheless if dependancy may possibly be a foul issue, pain that does not depart for weeks on end can in all likelihood be horrible too. NSAIDS like Vioxx are not bought anymore on account of they?re purported to set off coronary coronary heart attacks. Even ibuprofen or aspirin, for many who take them usually sufficient, are known to trigger within bleeding. What on earth are you supposed to try to try to to? Steroidal spinal injections do not facilitate for added than somewhat or no whereas.

Doctors are at their wits? finish. Some of them prescribe Cymbalta and Lyrica for off-label use and hope that they are visiting facilitate. Usually, they merely advocate one issue drastic ? like operation where the surgeon removes some broken spinal discs and vertebrate. This would possibly extremely assist with the pain. Nonetheless it might presumably have alternative severe penalties too. There are virtually 0.five a million Of us yearly who get this done. Concerning ten% of them get infections and extra complications.

There?s plenty additional suggestion that you simply get on avoiding once a lot of harm from that study. Plenty of folks throw their backs out when they stoop deeply to decide on one issue up. Not that bending ought to be out of bounds or one factor ? it?s merely that you just would like to grasp a method to bend. You want to bend from the knees and hips ? not the waist. For the foremost part, defending your once more straight once you bend ought to often be a wise plan. You don?t would like to twist whereas you may be bending both ? you needed preliminary align your self with what you are selecting up as a result of this truth that you?re longing it.

Basically, medical doctors are going once more to an extended-time period physiotherapy, hoping to assist victims study new methods by means of which of utilizing their bodies. Again pain therapies have come once more full circle.

Maybe the rationale back pain is such a problematic state of affairs is that it tends to be not one scenario in the least. There are really dozens of well being issues ? that do not have something to try and do with one another ? that can all finish in the identical quite back ache, quite a few or less. Again pain is simply not one disease. It?s regarding time medical doctors accepted that there is treasured very little they can do to intervene; which sufferers knew regarding this.

Throughout the elderly, who normally endure from osteoporosis, the individual bones that build up the backbone ? the vertebrae ? usually get therefore weak and brittle that they normally tend to fracture simply traditional regularly quantities of stress. Vertebral fractures aren?t as catastrophic as they appear though. Generally, these fractures solely trigger severe backaches. Osteoporosis Worldwide, a medical journal that offers with the implications of weak bones contained in the aged, includes a replacement set of healthy once more practices in place to help the aged stay away from vertebral fractures at intervals the event that they?ve never had them, or to induce larger within the event that they need. These straightforward articles of advice below, put along, are sensible ways in which whereby to avoid once more injury.

The first concern it is smart to grasp concerning defending your back ? whether or not or not you have gotten vertebral fractures or not ? is that properly-appreciated stretching exercises like crunches and toe touches, are horrible to your back. If you don?t have vertebral fractures already, doing toe touches collectively alongside together with your knees straight may be a horrible arrange. As for prevention, you?ll probably recall postural recommendation you?ve got undoubtedly heard as a toddler ? constantly arise straight and perk up thus that you?re taking as hundreds of stress off your backbone as doable.

Go to your osteopath?s workplace for back pain, and 9 instances out of 10, they just don?t understand a cause. Not even when they put you underneath the MRI. However they are doing not grasp what to strive to try to to once they check out the results. Not even when they uncover abnormalities. Docs routinely notice heaps of abnormalities throughout the spine and once more in individuals who don?t they ever have any pain. Docs don?t very acknowledge that abnormalities trigger ache and that don?t. Due to the present reality what specifically are you alleged to try to to for those that endure from once a lot of ache? Are you supposed to easily wait? Take some pain killers?

Most individuals must bend like this to tie their shoelaces each day. Getting slip-on footwear would be a nice set up; nonetheless barring that, folks should learn to tie their shoelaces whereas sitting in an exceedingly chair with one leg swung over the alternative. That technique, they convey regarding the foot with the shoe on within reach.

Carrying things in baggage is sometimes to be avoided. If you happen to?re doing have to carry stuff (and who wouldn?t), using a backpack can create it easier to stay faraway from them once more harm; it will even assist you to strengthen your back. Actually, whether or not you have got no stuff to carry, docs advocate that you merely carry a knapsack your again with regarding five kilos; it tends to be a kind of perpetual exercise.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Drop in offshore oil and gas leaks may reduce accident claims

Drop in offshore oil and gas leaks may reduce accident claims

20 July 2011

The number of offshore oil and gas leaks that could lead to a serious accident at work have fallen in the last year, new figures shows.

Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show there were 73 major or significant hydrocarbon releases associated with offshore installations in 2010/11, down from 85 the previous year.

Meanwhile, accident claims from employees and their families may also have fallen, as the combined fatal and major injury rate dropped to 151.8 per 100,000 workers, against 192 per 100,000 in 2009/10.

There were 432 dangerous occurrences reported in 2010/11, 11 fewer than the previous year.

Steve Walker, HSE head of offshore safety, said that although the statistics were positive, more needs to be done.

"Hydrocarbon releases are a key indicator of how well the offshore industry is managing its major accident risks, and the industry still hasn't matched or exceeded the record lows of two years ago," he added.

It comes after the HSE released figures showing a rise in the number of workplace fatalities in the UK over the last 12 months.

Accident claims advice from Serious Law

Posted by T B WaltersADNFCR-3164-ID-800627367-ADNFCR

Back to Accident claim news news

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19 July 2011

Commercial drivers should stagger their journeys to reduce accident claims caused by tiredness, it has been claimed. Sandra Dodson, deputy chief driving examiner at the Driving Standards Agency, believes...

Read More... Tiredness 'can lead to traffic accident'

18 July 2011

Motorists need to be very wary of feeling tired when driving as they may not be able to react quickly enough if a traffic accident occurs ahead."If you're alert and 400m down the road you can...

Read More... Uninsured driver clampdown 'will reduce traffic accident rate'

23 June 2011

The government's crackdown on uninsured drivers will reduce the number of road traffic accident deaths, it has been claimed. A new law - Continuous Insurance Enforcement - that requires all vehicles...



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Should You Wish To Live A Healthy Existence You Need Diet And ...

I am sure that you have noticed that more and more people these days are inflicted with more diseases and illnesses than any other time in history. This could be attributed to the reality that in general men and women are just out of shape and never eat healthy. Most people that are at the right weight are apt to have less illnesses and diseases than those people who are too heavy. In this article we are going to be talking about a few things you're able to do to improve your health and get rid of some weight at the same time.

Staying in shape and living a healthy and balanced way of life are usually important issues to consider for any person who holds or wishes to get an sia licence Exercise is one of the main keys to good health however, many people claim they are too busy to get any exercise. Nevertheless, you should get some sort of exercise if you want to be healthy. You should know, specifically people who have desk jobs, that with no exercise a lot of the food you take in winds up turning right into fat deposits. Merely taking a walk can help to burn off some of the food you eat as well as some stored up fat. All in all, taking a walk is better than not doing anything.

Now with regard to the most crucial element involved with getting into shape, your daily diet. So many men and women end up going to the take out places and grabbing a burger for their lunch because it is the easiest thing to do. But all that food that you eat from these fast food places are virtually the worst type of food you can eat. Should you be craving a hamburger, you should go to the store and obtain 90% lean burger and cook it by yourself on your grill. So if you really want to get started on eating healthier you ought to keep reading the next few paragraphs.

One of the main keys to eating healthy is to make sure you are getting a minimum of 5 servings of your fruits and veggies on a daily basis. The vitamins as well as nutrition found in these types of foods can actually help you fight off certain illnesses and diseases. And for individuals who tend not to eat your vegetables you always have got the fresh fruit option. Should you be just a fruit eater, you need to make sure to vary the fruit you take in everyday, don't simply eat apples. Eating fruit is more desirable than eating virtually no produce, but if you can, try to choke down some veggies every so often as well. One more thing you should do is to have these fruits and vegetables with every single meal and try to eat those before you begin on the main course. This way you won't be as hungry when your feeding on the other foods and you will end up eating a lesser amount of the foods that are not healthy for you to begin with.

One more thing that can help you to consume less food is to make sure you drink an entire glass of water before you sit down for your meal. Another thing on the subject of drinking water, is that it can help to cleanse your body, so you will be eating less and flushing out your body at the same time. Many people end up finding that they are hungry in the mid morning, in such a circumstance have some water and a piece of fruit, that could hold you over. This can help control your hunger and also the urge to pick up a burger from the joint across the road.

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Should You Wish To Live A Healthy Existence You Need Diet And Exercise
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Somebody who specializes in tropical structure might be known as a tropical architect. In case you are serious about investing in the services rendered by one in every of them, then the article would possibly aid you immensely. Before seeking them, you have to focus on advantages that may be realized and enjoyed if their services are

There Are Many Successful And Famours Dyslexics - Who Are They?
It is so refreshing to discover so many famous dyslexics acknowledge their reading problems publicly This helps give hope and inspiration to other people who might not as yet had the courage to find help. A lot of the names below will have almost certainly had some type of formal test for dyslexia, so why don't you? If you are anxiou

A Rent Apartment Should Be Selected With Care
If you consider moving into a new rent apartment you must be informed regarding different aspects. You have to learn about some issues especially if you are doing this for the first time. If you are a college student moving into your first rent apartment, find some advice on what to look for.Decision making regarding your new abode c

Find Out The Income Of Fresno Personal Injury Attorney
Are you thinking of being a Fresno personal injury attorney? Do you desire to work in Fresno so you travel shorter? Do you also want to know the regular income of a Fresno personal injury attorney? If so, this is the article to help you! It will provide you a summary of the usual income per year.Many Americans miss work, suffer disco

Green Living Functions Much better By using Green Medicine
Whether you happen to be into green living or maybe not, you would be wise to make use of green medicine for your health. Green medicine involves utilizing your system to repair itself. Instead of using prescriptions to help you take care of a serious illness, it brings together good diet, adequate nutrition, and regular detoxificati

Exercise Your Heart With Sauna!
Marvelous things happen beneath the skin in the heat of the sweat bath. The capillaries dilate permitting increased flow of blood to the skin in an attempt to draw heat from the surface and disperse it inside the body. The bather's skin becomes cherry red. The heart is pressed into a faster pace to keep up with the additional demands

Ab Circle Pro - Ab Circle Pro Exercises - Ab Circle Pro Exercises Reviews
People are typically seeking to find ways to get rid of those couple of extra kilos that they've got saved up. This genuinely is especially within the circumstances of people which are just a small overweight or which have appreciate handles. Quickly soon after wanting out limitless function out packages just raise their fingers in t

Discussing The Importance Of Backlinks
If you are an Internet marketer, you know how hard it is to get traffic to your websites in order to get people to look at what you are selling. Some of these online marketers use Google Adwords or some other kind of pay per click marketing in order to get site visitors. You don't need to use pay per click to get people who are inter

Things You Must Know Before Shopping for Security & Surveillance Systems
It is very easy for a business to need a bigger security and surveillance system that what it currently has. Or, you may want to install a good quality security and surveillance system in your home. Either way, there is a lot you will need to take into account during the time that you are shopping and evaluating. One of the most impo

Fresno Car Accident Lawyer And The Different Types Of Automobile Insurance Coverage
Automobile insurance firms perform a vital role in any auto accident or truck accident and related lawsuit. Car insurance is confusing enough without sorting out the details of a car accident. If you've been hurt inan accident that's not your mistake, it is best to talk to a Fresno car accident lawyer before you go over the accident

Should You Wish To Live A Healthy Existence You Need Diet And Exercise
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