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When you?re looking for a self-defense product for your personal protection and personal safety, a stun device should be close to the top of your list. Make sure that they are legal in your area before you buy one. Read on to learn more.

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Complete Krav Maga: The Ultimate Guide to Over 230 Self-Defense and Combative TechniquesComplete Krav Maga: The Ultimate Guide to Over 230 Self-Defense and Combative TechniquesDeveloped for the Israel military forces and battle tested in real-life combat, Krav Maga has gained an international reputation as an easy-to-learn yet highly effective art of self-defense. Clearly written and extensively illustrated, Complete Krav Maga details every aspect of the system including dozens of hand-to-hand combat moves, over 20 weapons defense techniques and a complete physical conditioning workout program.

All the moves are described in depth from beginning Yellow Belt to advanced Black Belt, yet they are easy to learn because one of Krav Maga's strengths is its simplicity. Based on the principle that it is best to move from defense to attack as quickly as possible, Complete Krav Maga offers fast-escape maneuvers from attacks and holds. It then follows them up with specific counterattacks, including punches, kicks and throws.

The authors show how anyone (big or small, man or woman) can practice self defense by using Krav Maga to protect weak spots, exploit an assailant's vulnerabilities and turn the attacker s force against him. Complete Krav Maga teaches the reader how to get in shape, gain confidence and feel safer and more secure every day.

Vital Point Strikes: The Art and Science of Striking Vital Targets for Self-defense and Combat SportsVital Point Strikes: The Art and Science of Striking Vital Targets for Self-defense and Combat SportsVital Point Strikes is a guide to pressure point striking for the average martial artist. Sang H. Kim demystifies the lore of vital point striking and shows you realistic applications of vital point strikes for self-defense and combat sports. For those new to the concept of vital points, he begins by examining the Eastern theory of acupoints, meridians and ki (qi) and the Western scientific concepts of the nervous and circulatory systems, pain threshold and pain tolerance, and the relationship between pain and fear. This synthesis of accepted Eastern and Western theories helps the reader understand what makes vital point striking work and why it can be not only useful in fighting, but deadly. Based on this introduction, you ll learn about 202 vital points for use in fighting including the name, point number, location, involved nerves and blood vessels, applicable techniques, sample applications, and potential results for each point. The points are illustrated in detail on an anatomically correct human model, with English, Chinese, and Korean names as well as point numbers for easy reference. In addition to identifying the vital points, Sang H. Kim gives you detailed information about the type of techniques that work for vital point striking including a discussion of fighting zones and ranges, plexus strikes, stance and footwork, bodily weapons, striking directions and angles and dozens of applications for common empty hand, grappling, groundfighting, knife and gun attacks. Based on over thirty years experience in the martial arts and in-depth research, Sang H. Kim has created one of the most complete books available on the art and science of vital point striking. Self Defense: The Psychology of Attack and Survival (How To Defend Yourself and Survive In Any Dangerous Situation) (Self Defense Psychology)Self Defense: The Psychology of Attack and Survival (How To Defend Yourself and Survive In Any Dangerous Situation) (Self Defense Psychology)Self defense isn?t about carrying around a gun or mace or weapons. It?s not about being bigger or stronger than others. It?s not about what you look like, whether you?re a man or a woman or how old you are.

At the end of the day, the you will survive because your mind and body are strong and united. We?ve all heard stories of super-human strength ? the grandma who lifted up with her bare hands to save her grandson and other such stories abound.

But the same thing can happen mentally ? at times of great stress, you can acquire super-human mental powers as well as physical. Like the lady who is mugged at gunpoint and says something that spooks the robber. He runs away, dropping her purse, and the woman picks it up and walks off like nothing happened.

How do we access our super-human potential when we need it most?

How can you fight off four assailants at once?

How can you talk your way out of being robbed?

How can you protect yourself and your family when something goes wrong?

These questions haunted me for years. I would often lay awake at night or daydream about potential fights or conflicts. Some guy at the bar comes at me with a knife so I use a typical Aikido move to disarm him and throw him on the ground using his own force. I get jumped from behind in an alleyway and knocked on the ground... the scenarios played through my head over and over like a moviescreen. Only this wasn?t the movies. It wasn?t real either ? it was practice.

And that practice payed off ? in a big way.

I want this book to prepare you for what may lie ahead. No one knows what the future holds. But even if you never have to face an attack or serious bodily harm for the rest of your life, this book will prepare you mentally and physically for when times get tough.

Life isn?t about being bigger, stronger, fast or smarter than the competition. Life is about survival. It?s about freedom, confidence and success. This book will give you the tools and the confidence to know that you will survive no matter what happens.

Learn how to defend and protect yourself and your family today. Scroll up and grab your copy!

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