Monday, July 22, 2013

Aurora survivors marry on anniversary of massacre

Two survivors of the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting were married on Saturday?exactly one year after the massacre.

Eugene Han, 21, and Kirstin Davis, 22, exchanged vows at Village East Baptist Church in Aurora during a moving ceremony in front of family, friends and fellow survivors.

Senior pastor Robert McClendon, who said a prayer for the couple, called the event "both happy and sacred," according to the Associated Press.

The couple were among 58 people injured in the July 20, 2012, rampage at a midnight screening of "A Dark Knight Rises." Twelve people died in the shootings.

Han was wounded while trying to shield Davis from the heavily armed gunman.

"All I was thinking was, if anything, I could put myself between her and the bullets," Han told NBC's Denver affiliate last week.

Han suffered gunshot wounds to the knee and hip, spending a week in the hospital and months recovering. Davis suffered minor injuries.

Han told the traumatic event brought the young couple?who had been dating for three years--closer together.

?When the theater shooting happened, that?s when I was like, ?I really need to do this because you don?t know what?s going to happen after tomorrow,'" he said."

The pair decided to get married on the anniversary to take back July 20.

?It?ll help us to remember the day totally differently,? Davis said.


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