Friday, July 12, 2013

Google's One Today Android app now open to all US-based philanthropists

Google's One Today Android app now open to all USbased philanthropists

"Do a little. Change a lot." That's the motto behind One Today -- a Google-built app that launched a few months ago to those who requested an invite. Now, however, it's free to download for all Android users in the United States, enabling those who do to donate a dollar per day (or more, of course) to an ever-changing list of nonprofit organizations. Each day a new project will be showcased, replete with details on what it's about, who it's helping and how it's operated. Naturally, you'll be able to make your donations public on Google+, and you can keep a log of your charitable givings within the app itself -- ideal for tax writeoffs. There's still no word on when it'll go global, but statesiders can hit the source link to begin their download.

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