Monday, July 22, 2013

New Nexus 7 press shots leak, confirm Android 4.3

1. Mass88 posted on 54 min ago 2

Looks like the rumors of a smaller bezel are not true.

2. jsdechavez posted on 41 min ago 0

Google better put a phone in this one.

3. fanboy1974 posted on 36 min ago 0

I know the rumors for the resolution are in the neighborhood of 1920x1200 or 1920x1080. Do we have solid confirmation yet? I'm not interested if the resolution is the same since I already have the original.
I'm actually more inclined to say that this 7" model will be a mild spec bump with the same resolution and Google will surprise everyone with a 1080p 8" model; Nexus 8. These leaks are just to throw the scent off.

4. fanboy1974 posted on 29 min ago 0

Forget the non-sense I just spewed out. The leaked bestbuy ad confirms a 1920x1200 display.
Wonder if I should put my current Nexus 7 on Craigslist? Only paid $120 for it. Or should I make it a Christmas/birthday gift?

5. papss posted on 7 min ago 0

I'm fairly excited to see what the specs are on this N7. Maybe S600?

6. zennacko posted on 2 min ago 0

Device time = 4:30, meaning Android 4.3... so, what if they made a version 4.6x?


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