Friday, July 12, 2013

`Aarushi, Hemraj injuries may not be of golf club`

`Aarushi, Hemraj injuries may not be of golf club` Ghaziabad: A defence witness in the Aarushi Talwar murder case on Wednesday a CBI court that there were no signs of "depressed fracture" on the bodies of the teenager and the domestic help, indicating that they could not have been hit by a golf stick.

Deposing before the special CBI court for the third consecutive day, Dr RK Sharma, fourth witness of Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, said that if a person is hit on his skull from behind with a golf stick it would result in a depressed fracture or cracked wound.

On the first day of cross-examination of Dr RK Sharma, CBI lawyer RK Saini asked nearly 55 questions to him. "This injury is due to golf stick or not it will depend on depressed fracture. This type of fracture depends on force. I have not seen deceased's wounds and injuries of this case," he said.

"I have also not seen golf stick related to case before coming to this court," said Dr RK Sharma. On June 25, Dr Sharma had told the court that depressed fracture was not mentioned in Aarushi and Hemraj's postmortem report.

Sharma, former HOD of forensic science at AIIMS and currently dean at Saraswati Institute of Medical Sciences, also said that if golf stick is hit lightly, depressed fracture will not be inflicted.

He also told the court that 'khukuri' is often used to slit throat and injuries inflicted with it would be similar. "Children are trained in how to use 'khukari' in Nepal and Garhwal. If a person expert in using 'khukari' hit many persons with it, all injuries would almost be similar. Throat's organs are slit with khukari," said former HOD at AIIMS.

`Aarushi, Hemraj injuries may not be of golf club`

Sharma said that surgically-trained person can't slit throat using one stroke of small weapon. He also told the court that he didn't know Rajesh and Nupur Talwar.

`Aarushi, Hemraj injuries may not be of golf club`

"When they (Rajesh and Nupur) submitted protest petition, they then met me," said Sharma.



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